Allium Bulbs

Alliums produce giant, striking flower heads on long, sturdy stems in a range of bold or pastel shades – purple, white, blue, pink, and yellow. Plant alliums this autumn to create stunning border displays in late spring and early summer.

Allium bulbs are large and easy to plant, making them a perfect addition to your autumn bulb planting, and ideal to complement your other spring blooms. Plant alliums in a sheltered area in direct sunlight for most of the day - avoid cooler areas or heavy, wet soils.

Enjoy spending some time selecting from the large range of heights, flower sizes, and colours here at Lindis Flower Bulbs. For the boldest statement, Giganteum alliums showcase striking spherical flower heads of up to six inches in diameter, creating a true garden pièce de résistance. Later flowering varieties such as Sphaerocephalon can offer unusual flower heads well into the summer months. Check out our full range below and don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information, quotes, or advice on 01205 281900.

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Atropurpureum Allium Bulbs
50 Bulbs£19.00
-Bulb Planter-
Allium Bulb Collection
200 Bulbs£137.00
Ambassador Allium Bulbs
10 Bulbs£36.00
Caeruleum Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£13.00
Cernuum Allium Bulbs
25 Bulbs£15.00
Christophii Allium Bulbs
25 Bulbs£11.00
Cowanii Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£9.00
Giant Allium Bulb Collection
30 Bulbs£68.00
Giganteum Allium Bulbs
10 Bulbs£34.00
Gladiator Allium Bulbs
10 Bulbs£20.00
Globemaster Allium Bulbs
10 Bulbs£40.00
Graceful Beauty Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£28.00
Moly Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£5.00
Montanum Allium Bulbs
25 Bulbs£19.00
Mount Everest Allium Bulbs
10 Bulbs£18.00
Multi Bulbosum Nigrum Allium Bulbs
50 Bulbs£86.00
Nectaroscordum Allium Bulbs
50 Bulbs£13.00
Purple Rain Allium Bulbs
50 Bulbs£18.00
Purple Sensation Allium Bulbs
50 Bulbs£19.00
Roseum Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£5.00
Silver Spring Allium Bulbs
25 Bulbs£64.00
Sphaerocephalon Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£8.00
Triquetrum Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£40.00
Unifolium Allium Bulbs
100 Bulbs£15.00
Wild Garlic Bulbs (Allium ursinum)
25 Bulbs£11.00