Wildflower Bulbs - In The Green

Buy wildflower bulbs in the green collection from Lindis Flower Bulbs to get blooms within a matter of weeks! Available to order from November onwards, we start to dispatch orders from January for immediate planting. Check back soon to see the full range of wildflower bulbs.

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Wild Daffodil Bulbs 'In The Green' (Narcissus pseudonarcissus)
Bluebell Bulbs 'In The Green' (Hyacinthoides nonscripta)
Giant Snowdrop Bulbs 'In The Green' (Galanthus elwesii)
Nodding Star of Bethlehem 'In The Green' Bulbs (Ornithogalum nutans)
Wood Anemone Bulbs (Anemone nemorosa)
Star of Bethlehem 'In The Green' Bulbs (Ornithogalum umbellatum)
Large Flowering Mixed Crocus Bulbs 'In The Green'
Single Snowdrop Bulbs 'In The Green' (Galanthus nivalis)
Double Snowdrop Flore Pleno Bulbs 'In The Green' (Galanthus nivalis f pleniflorus)
Summer Snowflake Bulbs 'In The Green' (Leucojum aestivum)
Tenby Daffodil Bulbs 'In The Green' (Narcissus obvallaris)
Wild Garlic Bulbs 'In The Green' (Allium ursinum)
Winter Aconites Bulbs 'In The Green' (Eranthus hyemalis)